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Samantha Thompson

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Venue 8: The BOP Arts co op
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South Trail
10 Wallace Street,Meredith,VIC,3333
  • Reduction Linocut on paper 2017
    Jimble Jamble
  • Mixed Media on paper 2017
    Pot head
  • Linocut Artist book on paper
  • Treasures

About Me

Samantha Thompson was born in Sydney, by American parents, and now resides in rural Victoria. Growing up, she was surrounded by strong female role models, with three sisters and a mother working in the art and design industries and a businessman father in the bridal industry. This environment fostered a love of art and business, with a hunger for learning that transcends past the art industries to the world around her. Combined with constant support, this ensured a smooth transition to a career in the creative industry which has spanned twenty years. 
It is as a direct result of this environment that Samantha’s work is not relegated to one particular media. Instead, she chooses to work with oils, pastels, inks, printmaking, textiles and even Perspex in a bid to complete her works. Her art is contemporary in style, and features a strong feminine theme. This is expressed in vibrant colours with big splashes of playfulness and freedom. 
She’d be drawing with sticks in the sand if she had nothing else. It's a compulsive drive, a freeflowing tool for self-expression that represents both her personality and unique life perspective. Over many years, she’s been able to build relationships with many chosen tools. It doesn’t matter the media; she uses whatever she can to relate to the world around her. 
A love of life and all it has to offer is evident in the philosophy that Samantha operates within. When not working on her own pieces, she conducts workshops from her studio. Working with small groups, she seeks to inspire emerging artists, and give them the confidence they need to work freely and without barriers. The formation of The Bop Arts Co-op in early 2016 is the further culmination of this ideal. 
Samantha’s latest works are those in her Floral POP series. She currently exhibits in a range of galleries Internationally and works from her home studio in Lethbridge, Victoria. 

My latest work titled "Object" explores our relationship with the stuff we collect, our need to categorise into "Art" or "Design". Featuring bright and playful still life Reduction Linocut techniques, the work jumps off the paper at you, in a Jimble Jamble unsorted kinda way.



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Airing of the Quilts
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South Trail

Nowadays to walk down Regent Street in Steiglitz is like walking amongst ghosts. Once the towns business and social centre, it is now a dirt track with few buildings remaining.  As other towns in the region are practically exploding at the seams with people seeking the charm of country life, the population of Steiglitz remains at 7- a number represented throughout this work.

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North Trail

Tony has always been keen on building cubby houses. With a background in sculpture, prop making and design, it seemed natural that all these things would come together in a tiny house. Tony is a university lecturer by day and tiny house builder/sculptor by night.

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South Trail

I have always loved wool and started to spin when my girls were small. I progressed to weaving and felting after joining the Geelong Handweavers and Spinners Guild.
I have been fortunate in having the opportunity to exhibit samples of my work at local exhibitions, Geelong and Bendigo Shows and to have been a section winner at the Scarf Festival at the Geelong Wool Museum.

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North Trail

I have been drawing all my life and received honours and awards during my school years. I sold my first painting, a watercolour at 16.
About four years ago I had my first formal lessons in soft pastels and haven’t looked back, winning an award at the Bannockburn Art Show in 2015.
I also love acrylics for a slightly abstract style.