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Registration Closed

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting in the Golden Plains Arts Trail.  Registrations for the 2017 Golden Plains Arts Trail have now closed.  Please click here to return to the home page.


  1. The trail is open to artists and groups of artists.
  2. Entry to the Golden Plains Arts Trail is $30. The entry fee contributes towards managing, administering and marketing the event. $10 of the entry fee goes to GP Arts Inc. to support their membership. Membership of GP Arts Inc. also give artist’s Public Liability insurance cover over the course of the trail. If you do not wish to become a member of GP Arts Inc., you may still take part in the trail. The fee is $20. If you choose this option, you will be required to produce your own current Public Liability Insurance certificate in order to participate.  
  3. No commission will be taken by Golden Plains Shire Council or any other party during the Arts Trail. The entry fee is non-refundable.
  4. Depending on the availability of space and number of registrations, the organisers cannot guarantee that all artists who apply will be selected for the trail. Artists will be informed by Council in writing if they have been successful for inclusion. The decision is not negotiable.
  5. All artwork submitted must be suitable for general viewing and must not contain any religious, pornographic or obscene images. Any work that is deemed unacceptable will be returned to the artist.
  6. The final decision about where work is displayed will rest with Golden Plains Shire and the host venue and cannot be determined by the artist.
  7. Artists are responsible for their own costs in respect of mounting, framing and exhibiting their work.
  8. When allocated a venue, the artist is responsible for arranging the hanging/installation of their work with the host venue. Every effort must be made by the artist to minimize disruption to the usual business of the venue.
  9. Artists are expected to present their work to the best they can and as a basic minimum, all 2D work must be mounted. Any work not presented to this standard may be removed from display and returned to the artist.
  10. Artists must bring one piece of art work for display at the launch of the vent annually.
  11. Art works must be on display for the entire duration of the Trail.
  12. Artists will be expected to transport and install their work, ready for public viewing.
  13. Artists are expected to take the lead in promoting their participation in the Arts Trail supplemented by leaflets and trail maps produced by the organisers.
  14. Artists are expected to be available at their host venue during the entire duration of the trail to meet trail visitors and answer questions about their work.
  15. Any items sold during the art trail must remain in place until the end of the Arts Trail.  The artist will be responsible for dealing with the buyer direct or making arrangements with the host venue as to how sales will take place.
  16. At the end of the Trail, any unsold work must be removed from the host venue by the end of the Sunday of the trail, unless otherwise agreed.  Failure to do so may result in the artwork being disposed of and any fees incurred will be passed onto the artist.
  17. All artwork must be clearly labelled by the artist and any information on the price or purchasing of the artwork is to be provided by the artist.
  18. If an artist wishes to withdraw from the Trail after registration, the entry fee is non-refundable. As much notice as possible is requested as the printed collateral used to market the event is prepared at least two months in advance of the Trail date.  An 'Artist Withdrawn' banner will be placed on the artist entry on the website.
  19. Each artist is responsible for any risk associated with displaying their own work, be that accident to a member of the public, damage, fire or theft and is responsible for insuring their own work.
  20. By signing this disclaimer you agree that Golden Plains Shire Council are indemnified against any third party claim for loss, damage or breakage to property belonging to the artist whilst participating in the Trail.